Costas Vainanidis

Costas Vainanidis, Attorney-at-Law, member of the Athens Bar, Supreme Court, Partner.

Costas’ practice includes advice and litigation before Greek and international Civil and Administrative Courts on Antitrust and Unfair Competition Law, Franchising, Distribution & Agency, Mergers & Acquisitions, Commercial and Company Law, Private International Law, International Trade Law, Public Procurement, Public Works, Food Law, Labeling, Medical Law, Product Liability, Consumer Protection, Property Law, Inheritance Law etc.

Costas has contributed to several comparative law surveys on anti-trust and unfair competition law, mergers & acquisitions, corporate law, civil law, law of Inheritance etc., which have been published by the American Bar Association, the International Bar Association, the Association of European Lawyers, the Association Europeene des Avocats, Butterworths, ESC Publishing Ltd., Graham & Trotman, Sweet & Maxwell, Kluwer and J.Willey & Sons.

Costas is the Greek correspondent of the legal journals "European Competition Law Review" (E.C.L.R.) and "International Trade Law & Regulation" (Int.T.L.R.), published by Sweet & Maxwell in the UK. He has addressed more than fifteen International Anti-Trust Law Conferences in Athens, Oxford, Cambridge and Madrid. Known for his expertise in competition law, Costas has given, at the request of the Minister of Commerce, educational lectures to the staff of the Secretariat of the Greek Competition Committee and, acting on behalf of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he has submitted proposals to the Greek Government for the revision of the Greek anti-trust and unfair competition laws.

Costas is the contact person of the Firm with the non-exclusive networks of law firms The Association of European Lawyers (AEL) and TAGLaw.

Costas studied Law (LL.B.) and Political Sciences and Public Law (B.Sc.) in the University of Athens and was awarded a Masters of Laws (LL.M.) from University College London, where he specialized in European Competition Law and attended courses in European Law and Carriage of Goods by Sea.

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